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Auto market view push manufacturers to accelerate small cars

Reduced in the first half, although the major manufacturers of auto market expectations, but in the small car "" buck. Mainstream manufacturer to speed up the pace of our launch small car models, listed the car is I "you", became the most bustling market segments. According to rough statistics, listed in the new car in the first half of this year, sales of almost accounted for about 40% of the overall market.

This car is not only quantity, but quality is higher. , since the beginning of the new polo, carnival, fit, love is the mainstream brands such as escalating push new products, leading the battle over the small cars into high quality competition stage. More importantly, under the situation of the auto market overall growth, a new growth point of growth has become a major car manufacturers. In the first half of this year, according to the analysis, small growth mainly comes from the high-end small car segment, it become a car this year one of the greatest feature of the market and even the entire market.




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Auto market after the "golden decade" battle, small car market in the first half of 2011, is to form a "distinct" competitive landscape.


In the low-end market, own brand held a dominant position in price advantage. , of course, with the concept of joint venture independent brands such as s1 is rolled out low-end cars, plus after the new Chevrolet sail the strength of the incoming, low-end car market in the first half of this year, auto market, especially the three or four line market there is no lack of bright spots.


But compared with the high-end car market, the low end of the car market is still appear tepid. In the first half of this year, the high-end car market with "new, high quality and more competitive" features, become the largest auto market, injected a steady stream of energy to the insipid in 2011.


From the start of the new polo first, then the new fit following suit. In may, small battle over the new car has reached the boiling point. This month, changan ford's high-end car leader carnival in new form of network publishing, announced the 2011 ford fiesta, on the basis of the advantages of original products, made a series of configuration upgrade and optimization, further improve the quality and better meet the personalized needs of China's annual light consumers. Launched in 2011 ford fiesta, on the day of snow The fo LAN launched a high-end car love Europe, up to the car market segment. In general, in the car


High-end market, joint venture brand has become the absolute main force. At present, the new fiesta, polo, ruina models become the market leader.




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According to the analysis, the reason that joint venture automakers so attaches great importance to the high-end car market, the key lies in the subdivided bullish market outlook. With 80 young gens after become engines of cars, small cars increasingly prominent quality, personalized consumption trend. More importantly, with the acceleration of urbanization, a second-tier cities the demand for small cars especially high-end cars will also further expanded. According to statistics, the ratio of high-end car in the car, has fallen from 23% five years ago, to 33%. Thus, high quality, the joint brand high-end car market broad "money".


Under the attractive market prospect, all the major manufacturers in the car market, prompting the car "pyramid" into the new competition situation. According to the analysis, the new carnival and other high-end car led, the fight for high-end car focusing on areas such as quality, fashion, attract more young gens grows with the Internet and mobile phones. In the first half of 2011, small car consumption trend based on the inheritance of this style, but also to the deep development of low carbon environmental protection field. China international mould net



In fact, energy conservation and environmental protection technology has been the mainstream car a big selling point, low carbon environmental protection and high-end car advocate a way of life. With the 2010 national "energy saving products huimin project" directory, energy conservation and environmental protection technology in the field of car suddenly rise. Small cars, including new fiesta, polo, etc, with good fuel economy, be among the first to obtain energy saving subsidy models. No doubt this growth in market demand for small cars in 2010 "lit a fire". But this start a prairie fire of fire, in 2011, the small car segment is are burning ever more brightly. Especially, beginning in 2011 countries have canceled the multiple encouraged car consumption policy, makes the "energy-saving subsidies" policy is the only "survived" encouragement policy. Then, in the first half of 2011, small cars leading car in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, in particular, because of the policy of continuous encouragement, unafraid to market cold snap, hand over a market satisfaction "mid-term exam paper.


Experts predicted that the second half of this year the auto market will continue in the low growth. But the small car segment has advantages in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, will become a bright spot in the market competition. The new fiesta, fit for energy-saving subsidies models, such as biggest beneficiaries will be the policy. This will also direct drive car companies continue to put in small cars, especially the car production and research and development of low carbon environmental protection, small cars will usher in an era of high-end segment stable growth