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Auto mould a bright future in China Is expected to occupy th

Domestic automobile stamping die industry annual production capacity of only 8 billion - 8 billion yuan, and the mould demand of China's auto market has reached more than 200 one hundred million yuan. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry to the mold industry put forward higher requirements, also provide huge power for its development.

From the development situation of China mold and die industry, mold the product is suitable for develop in the direction of specialization, collectivization, mould enterprise when conditions are ripe go the way of joint is the inevitable development trend. International mold association secretary general luo hui think, in order to meet the needs of enterprise development and competition in the market, the auto mould company is also actively seeking international cooperation, try from a mere manufacturing plant to the capital operation enterprises.


Luo hui pointed out that, at present our country automobile die mold low-tech industry already exceeds the demand, market profit space is narrow, and high technical content, high-grade mold is far can not adapt to the needs of economic development, precision, complex stamping die and high-grade car covering parts mould still has great development space. Chinese auto mould company future development direction, should pay attention to the adjustment of product structure and positioning, further enhance the manufacturing technology of the mould level, occupation of complex structure, high precision, high technical content of high-grade mold market.


China mould association Li Jianhua, dongfeng automobile mould co., LTD., vice director of general manager on the analysis of China's auto mold market, said China's mold industry entered a rapid development period, in recent 10 years, mould industry has been rapid development growth of 15% a year. The huge potential of China's auto market for auto mould development brings more broad space for development. This year the state promulgated the vehicle characteristics (limiting imports, domestic production of key parts) policy, for mould enterprises also increase the chance of a production car covering parts mould. Li Jianhua points out, under the background of this industry, how to seize opportunities, cope with the market, depending on which enterprise on the technical strength is stronger, the products are of better quality, higher on the enterprise competitiveness.


Li Jianhua said, in recent years, dongfeng auto mould company strong in technology, quality, cost and service, etc, adhere to grasp the technology progress and process improvement, increase investment in research and development, rely on scientific and technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the level of manufacturing. The application of new techniques, new technology, which greatly shorten the processing time, improve the production efficiency and processing quality. They also continuously introduce advanced design, programming software, to strengthen the nc knowledge training, all realized the 3 d design, nc programming and nc machining.


Dongfeng auto mould company to undertake the car project "music", is a joint venture, dongfeng and nissan's first joint venture of the company to undertake. Project implementation process, the mould company technology department and other departments actively introduce and draw lessons from the nissan in modular fixture design and manufacturing experience, bold use including mold whole chrome plated, floating pressure material and a series of new technology, new structure, the whole process for the first time the three dimensional modelling to guide design and processing; Fixture developed overlapping edge detection, assembly welding match detection and so on new features. While nissan's advanced technology, and give full play to their own design, CNC manufacturing, on-line detection and other advantages, greatly reduce the tooling cost. The hood inner and outer plate mold is the first domestic design and manufacture of high-end passenger car appearance, the success of this project, changed the Chinese upscale passenger vehicle appearance a mold tooling the whole history of imports, improve the company die die fixture design and manufacture level and enterprise visibility. Many car manufacturers, who were also order of dongfeng automobile company mold die fixture. Recently, dongfeng auto mould company and received a high technology content of exports the mould order.


Dongfeng auto mould company invested heavily from overseas purchase 5 high speed milling and high speed milling, after put into operation, the machining efficiency has doubled, output accelerated obviously, product quality has been greatly improved. In recent years, dongfeng automobile mould company nissan and Honda car engine cover parts assembly by the height of the foreign experts praise. This year, the company to undertake the dragon b53 deliver the project in the first round of the French expert full approval, through b53 car door panel die mold started dongfeng brand, make the dongfeng motor die mold company reached the car market.